Is organic cotton sustainable?

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Organic Cotton

How does organic cotton compare to conventional cotton? Its characteristics, its differences with other cottons, and its benefits are described in detail below.

How does organic cotton differ from regular cotton?

Cotton that is organic is one derived only from natural seeds, and in its cultivation, pesticides or other chemicals, harmful to human health and the environment, are not used. Sustainable agriculture relies on eliminating pests with other insects.

When it comes to organic cotton, the seeds used are never transgenic. In conventional cotton, genetically modified seeds are typically used to make them more pest-resistant.

The soil is healthier without pesticides and herbicides, so cotton is able to be grown with less water. Organic cotton therefore has less impact on the environment. It also prevents toxic substances from entering rivers, lakes, and drinking water sources. Therefore, it is a much more environmentally friendly method than growing traditional cotton.

Benefits of organic cotton

There are many benefits to organic cotton. Among its many advantages, it stands out when used in clothing or footwear because:

  • Organic cotton is ideal for sensitive and atopic skin types. It is hypoallergenic and has a soft feel.
  • Cotton fabrics are breathable. They also wick away moisture and keep the skin cool. 
  • Organic cotton does not generate static electricity, unlike synthetic fibers.
  • Clothing made from organic cotton is easy to wash and does not usually require ironing.
  • It is also beneficial to the environment since organic cotton reduces the use of water in agriculture.

Since only organic fibers and natural dyes are used in organic cotton, it is free from toxins. 

Always look for the GOTS certificate on our fabric to know it is 100% organic and toxic-free. Our collection of eco Vegan Espadrilles and Sneakers are made with organic cotton.

What is the GOTS certificate?

The GOTS certificate – which stands for "Global Organic Textile Standard" – ensures the quality and sustainability of the fabric by guaranteeing that it is made of organic fibers.

Cotton that is GOTS-certified has been subjected to a series of strict controls, which ensure the material's durability, the color's solidity, and the origin of its organic fibers. The fabric's manufacturing process and the cultivation of its cotton fibers are both sustainable, which reduces water consumption and waste generated during this activity. In addition, this certificate is a guarantee of decent working conditions.

As a result of all these factors, we at Biankina favor the production of organic cotton. Discover our selection of organic fabrics, which respect both the environment and people. Let's help the planet by creating more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

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