our materials

Organic Cotton

Our eco-friendly canvas sneakers are made with heart in Europe. Featuring breathable organic cotton/canvas uppers, and soft cotton laces. Our cotton is organic and farmed responsibly. 

Natural Rubber

The soles of our sneakers are made with all-natural rubber. Rubber comes from the rubber tree and is harvested year after year, similarly to how maple syrup is harvested. The sap is collected by a method called tapping and with it rubber pellets are made. This material is not only natural but durable and animal friendly.

The rubber tree will grow to heights of 100 to 130 feet, and can live up to 100 years. The process of tapping does not harm the trees. In fact, a single tree can be tapped for 30-40 years.

Glue-Free Vulcanization

Our rubber soles are vulcanized giving our sneakers a better grip on surfaces which makes them superior for playing sports like walking, tennis, or sailing. Vulcanization is the process of using heat to bond the rubber sole to the cotton canvas upper. No glues are used, just heat that melts the rubber into the cotton canvas upper, creating a lasting bond. 

100% Vegan 

Our vegan materials are breathable, machine washable, and cruelty free, with no animal products or testing. Our sneakers are PETA-approved vegan.

Biankina is born from our love for minimalist design, sustainable manufacturing, and artisan goods. From sourcing natural materials to planting two trees with every purchase, we pack purpose in everything we do.

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