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natural and recycled quality materials

Quality materials, eco-friendly practices, and ethical manufacturing are important to us. Our shoes are made from certified organic cotton, recycled plastic, natural cork, sustainable jute midsoles, and 100% natural rubber soles, resulting in naturally vegan shoes that look great on you and are good for the environment.

There's a better way

Organic GOTS Certified Cotton

Our eco-friendly shoes are made with heart in Europe. Featuring breathable organic cotton/canvas uppers, and soft cotton laces. Our cotton is organic, GOTS certified and farmed responsibly. 

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide. Organic textiles are required to comply with high level environmental criteria and social criteria as well.

a breath of fresh air

Raw Jute

Jute is one of the most ancient shoemaking materials. We use it in our authentic Spanish espadrilles. In addition to being natural, it is a great alternative to plastics and harmful chemicals, and it is an air-purifying material. Research has shown that 1 hectare of jute cultivation can absorb up to 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and release 11 tons of oxygen during the growing process (about 100 days). 

The midsoles of our jute espadrilles are not dyed like those of other espadrilles manufacturers. These can often contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, all of our espadrilles are made from natural fibres, and contain no additives.

Sustainable to its core

Lightweight Cork

The bark of cork trees is what is used to make our eco sandals. The trees can continue to grow and reproduce bark throughout their lives since they are harvested similarly to other crop trees.

Once the tree reaches maturity, it will be harvested for its bark every nine years. This allows the trees to live full, healthy lives. In fact, cork oak trees that are stripped of their bark can live up to 150 years longer than those that are not. The trees are native to southern Mediterranean countries, such as France and Italy, as well as North African countries, like Algeria and Tunisia.

A second life

GRS Certified Recycled Plastics

According to a 2015 study, only 3% of materials used in clothing are recycled. You can support positive change toward a more sustainable future when you buy recycled or organic fabrics and materials.

Our sandal uppers are made from recycled plastics — that are vegan and recyclable. Our GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified uppers are used in our eco bio sandals. Global Recycled Standard (GRS) labels ensure recycled textiles meet additional environmental and social standards. With the help of recycling materials, we believe we can change the fashion industry and make it more sustainable.

Shoes with sole

Natural Rubber

The soles of our sneakers and espadrilles are made with all-natural rubber. Rubber comes from the rubber tree and is harvested year after year, similarly to how maple syrup is harvested. The sap is collected by a method called tapping and with it rubber pellets are made. This material is not only natural but durable and animal friendly.

together forever

Glue-free Vulcanization

Our rubber soles are vulcanized giving our shoes a better grip on surfaces which makes them superior for playing sports like walking, tennis, or sailing. Vulcanization is the process of using heat to bond the rubber sole to the cotton canvas upper or jute. No glues are used, just heat that melts the rubber into the natural fibers on the uppers, creating a lasting bond.